Are grip socks required

Yes Rush HQ or Jump Factory socks must be worn at all times. After purchasing your socks hold on to them for future visits to save you buying them again

Height restrictions

Under 110cms: Junior Jumper (Inflatables), Foam Pit Lanes and Free Jump Trampolines 

Over 110cms: Jump Factory Walk Wall (Performance Trampolines), Foam Pit Lanes, Slam Dunk Basketball, Dodgeball, Free Jump, Lower Level The Gauntlet, Mt Madness 

Over 140cms: Second Level The Gauntlet 

Do you have drink fountains

Not currently, but if you ask
one of your friendly staff members at our café they
will be more than happy to fill up your drink

Is external food permitted

No external food or beverage is permitted aside from water. If organised beforehand a birthday cake can be brought in with a $5 fee.

Do I need to wear any particular type of footwear

Yes if you are above 110cms and wish to use The gauntlet (High Ropes/ Obstacle Course) or Mt Madness (Rock climbing/ Bouldering walls) you are required to wear closed toe supportive footwear. However if you do forget your shoes we do have shoes to loan at reception at no cost however a $20 deposit or a driver’s license is required and will be returned to you when the shoes are returned. Please note there is limited amount of shoes to loan.

Do you have any where I can store my belongings

We have pigeon holes however for valuables we suggest using our lockers that cost $2 and give you 2 hours 

What's open on what Day

Monday to Thursday 10am – 6pm
Friday 10am – 7pm
Saturday and Sunday 10am – 6pm 
School Holidays/ Public Holidays that we are open Full venue is open

Do you have baby change rooms

Yes, located on the ground level in the disabled toilet

Do you have free WIFI

Yes, we do have free WIFI the password is located at reception

Do I need to pre book

We do recommend pre booking to avoid disappointment over weekends and school holidays as we cannot guarantee entry 

Can I arrive whenever I want or do you have session times

If you book the unlimited day pass you can arrive whenever you like and leave whenever you like.

If you book a 1 hour pass they do start every hour on the hour 

Can I get an ALL DAY PASS on school holidays

Unfortunately not, however you can purchase a 1 or 2 hour pass and additional hours can be purchased at $5 per hour in store. These session start ever hour on the hour.

Can vouchers be redeemed online

Entertainment vouchers must be presented in store. Pre-paid vouchers can only be redeemed over the phone or in store 

How long should I arrive before my booking

We recommend you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your booking time.


I'm wanting to book an unlimited day pass why do I have to select a session time when it’s all day

We ask you to select a session time so we are able to locate you in our booking system, however you can arrive at anytime

Is my booking refundable or transferrable

No, Bookings are non-refundable and non-transferrable

What clothing should I wear

We recommend that you wear comfortable non-restrictive clothing (Atheletic Clothing preferable) & ensure that you bring closed toe shoes if you are over 110cms and wanting to use The Gauntlet (High Ropes/ Obstacle Course) or Mt Madness (Rock Climbing/ Bouldering Walls) 

Is Rush HQ safe

We at Rush HQ pride ourselves on our Safety standards, policies & Procedures. We take safety seriously & all staff are Level 1 First Aid trained. We have also been acknowledged by local Emergency Services Departments on our exceptional teamwork, onsite facilities & equipment. Please also refer to our Safety Rules. 

Are your staff first aid trained

Yes all our staff are Level 1 First Aid trained. Safety is Paramount!. 

What ticket should I buy

Under 110cms: Junior Pass

Over 110cms: General Admission

Do you offer group discounts

Yes we do offer group discounts for bookings over 20. Please call one of our Events Team on 1300 74 75 76 or send an email to

What if I don't have a credit card. Can I pay when we arrive at reception

We accept visa, master card and debit cards so we do recommend boking in advance however you can pay at the counter but you run the risk of missing out on your session in the event we are booked out.

What if I have some questions and want to speak to someone or have an email enquiry

Please call Rush HQ Customer service team on 1300 74 75 76 or send an email to

Do you have an onsite café

We have an onsite Café catering for a wide variety of foods and drinks and healthy options are also available. We also sell Lavazza coffee.

Is there a minimum for EFTPOS

We do not have a minimum spend for EFTPOS. However we do not allow cash out.

What are the Health Benefits of Rush HQ Trampolining, Ropes Course and Rock Climbing

Trampolining: According to the NASA Rebounding report. “Rebounding exercise is the most efficient, effective form of exercise yet devised by man.” For similar levels of heart rate and oxygen consumption, the magnitude of biomechanical stimulation is greater with jumping on a trampoline than with running, 10 minutes on a trampoline is equivalent to over 30 minutes on a treadmill. Trampolining is a low impact, tones muscles and improves coordination. So at Rush HQ we encourage you to have fun whilst exercising. 

High Ropes Course: Our high Ropes course is like a giant puzzle. You manoeuvre through obstacles & being high up in the air you need to stay focussed, balanced and concentrate on completing the obstacle at hand. It is also good for cardiovascular fitness, upper body strength & a great benefit for children in improving fine motor skills.

Rock Climbing/ Bouldering: Our climbing walls have various degrees of difficulty to cater from beginners to advanced climbers. It tests the climbers strength, endurance, agility, balance as well as coordination. It strengthens and tones muscles, increases flexibility and allows our patron to challenge themselves.