Rush HQ Dodgeball


Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday’s from Friday, March 1st.

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– JuniorĀ (Under 13 years old) – Wednesday
– TeenageĀ (13 – 15 years old) – Thursday
– Senior (15 years and over) – Friday

*Note: includes Rush HQ Grip Socks and all access pass to Rush HQ activities on the day of competition.

JuniorĀ (Under 13 years old) – 5:00pm start
TeenageĀ (13 – 15 years old) – 5:00pm start
SeniorĀ (16 years and over) – 6:00pm start

Team Size
Teams are 4 players on the court at one time, you may have up to 3 subs

Season Length
Each week we hold a winner takes all round robin competition

Match Length
Matches last 20 minutes broken into 10 sets. There are two matches per round.

$15 registration per person
$10 per person per round

The weekly round winner will receive a large slushie each.
All teams will receive an end of season voucher.

1 point is awarded to the team that either eliminates or has the greater number of players left at the end of a set.
Maximum of 10 sets and points in a match.

Start Date
Tuesday 5th February, 2019

How to register?
Contact Jared or Alex on 1300 74 75 76 or
via email anytime on

For more information

Call – 1300 74 75 76 or Email –ĀĀ