Rush HQ Monday Night Dodgeball
– Super League –

Introducing our Dodge-Ball Super League that will be running every Monday night ending December 17th at Rush HQ in Rowville.
You can register as a team or individual with registration remaining open throughout our season.


Senior (over 14 years of age).

Senior comp between 6 – 7 pm Mondays.

Season Length
Winner takes all round-robin competition each week.

Match Length
Matches last 25 minutes broken into 5-minute sets. There are two matches per round.

1 point is awarded to the team that either eliminates or has the greater number of players left at the end of a set.
Maximum of 15 sets and points in a match.

Team Size
There are 4 players on the court at one time, teams of up to 8 people can register.
A team can have different fill-ins each week if required.
If you are an individual wanting to register we can find you a team.

$10 per person per round.
Registration is $10 per person to be paid before the season commences.

Start Date
Monday, October 29th (Season finishes 17th of December).

How to register?
Contact Jesse Sunday – Thursday on 1300 74 75 76 or
via email anytime on

To request an information booklet on the competition or
for more information. 

Call – 1300 74 75 76 or Email –